Should I book the Disney Dining Plan?

Should you get the Disney Dining Plan for your Disney Vacation?
Here are the little Disney Dining Plan secrets you need to know before you go to Disney World

The Disney Dining Plan has gone though many changes over the years. We look at the 2015 Disney Dining Plan and answer the question “Should I buy the Disney Dining Plan for my Family?”

We compare the cost of the plan for different types of families. We look at the Disney plan vs. paying out of pocket.
We also look at what the best value is in the Dining Plan. What are the optional ages for your family to get the most out of the Disney Dining Plan. Also what should you spend your dining credits on? Should you use your dining credits on Character Breakfasts, Dinner, two credit signature restaurants? We also cover Disney snacks and what items you should use a dining plan credit on and what items you should pay for outside of the Disney dining plan.

So if you are thinking of buying the Disney dining plan for your next Disney World vacation, please read our detailed review here.

Disney Free Dining –  This is always a hot topic.  Is Free Dining Coming in 2015?  We do not know.  As of now there are no Disney Free Dining Offers for 2015.  If Free Dining does come out we will be sure to let everyone know.